Top Tips

Below are some top tips that will help you use HQ to its full advantage

Using the Spell Checker


There are several advantages to the search in HQ, one of them being that you can navigate to a person or business history without having to go to View Contacts and search through the A-Z for the business or person, to do this you can simply type the name of the business/person or their reference (if they have one) in the search bar and this will then give you a drop down list of results, from here you can then click on your chosen business/person and this will take you straight to the history  page where you can see everything to do with that business or person.

How to send a private email

Sometimes when you are sending an email if may have confidential information on that you do not want to be linked to the contact records, so when you are composing your email you can make sure you have ticked the PRIVATE tick box which is located at the top left of the email window next to the template list, once you do this the email will only appear in your sent items and no where else, if the person you emailed replies to the PRIVATE message it will come back to you as private and should only appear in your inbox.

How to change buttons in HQ

We often get asked how to change the buttons along the top in HQ or people say that their colleagues have different buttons to them, in order to change your buttons all you have to do is go to Tools->Options and then go to the buttons tab, in there you can change all the buttons and only have the ones you will use the most often instead of having a button bar full of unused buttons.

How to change the start-up page

HQ gives you the option to have one of the pages appear when you log in to HQ, this options can be changed in Tools->Options and then on the general tab there is a drop down box labelled start-up page, some of the options for example are Email Inbox, Dashboard, Calendar or even no page at all.