HQ Contact, including people, businesses, groups and categories

Companies House Wizard

The Companies House Wizard is a new tool in HQ which allows you to import businesses and linked people directly into HQ from Companies House. To use the Companies House Wizard you can either go to New->Business and click the button in the bottom left corner of the new business dialog box which will then […]

The History Page

Business & People History When you create a business or a person in HQ you also get a history page for each one of them. The image below shows an example of the main view of the history page, to view the history of a business or a person you need to click the icon […]

Linking and Sharing Data

A major part of HQ is the ability to build up data for each of your contacts and to share that data with other people in your team. To do this, you need to link the data to the contact. The process of linking the data to the contact achieves two goals: Linking puts all […]


Categories are a way of grouping People and Businesses in HQ. Any contact can be in any number of categories and contacts can be filtered based on their membership of a combination of categories. For example: contacts who are both “Plumbers” and “Drive a Van”. Categories can be defined by you and have any text […]


Groups are arbitrary collections of People and Businesses. To View the groups you or your colleagues have defined, go to Contacts>Groups on the menu. You will see a screen similar to the following: In this example, we have a small group called Example group defined. Several options can be performed on groups: Add a group: […]


To see contact records for a business, the fastest way is to type part of the business name or reference in the search box and click on the relevant contact that appears below the seach box. To see a list of all businesses click View>Business from the menu. Contact records for businesses are show in […]


To see contact records for people, click View>People from the menu. Contact records for people are show in a familiar business-card format. Around the outside of the business card are a number of icons. These icons provide access to important functions to do with the person; for example sending them an email, making a note […]