HQ Documents, including how to add new documents and edit them and also linking them to contacts and projects.

The Document Editor

Common Toolbar Functions Cut Copy Paste Undo Redo Text Formatting & Alignment Fonts & Colours Headers & Footers The following is the full set of toolbar functions for the word processor in HQ. The word processor is used in various locations in HQ, such as editing documents, creating emails, writing notes about a meeting, and […]

Spell Checker

HQ uses the spell checker that is build into your browser. Most browsers now have a spell checker (dictionary) already installed, these are Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. With Firefox you may have to install the dictionary of your choice or enable it. Installing the Spell Checker in Firefox   Go to the Add-ons Page […]

Linking Documents

The best way to create and a document is to create the document from the contact card that you want to link the document against. This can be done directly from the contact card by clicking on the new document icon on the contact card. Alternatively you can create the document without any reference to […]

Viewing your documents and navigating the folder tree

Viewing Documents There are several ways to view documents that you have created or are visible to you: by viewing the contact history (business, person or jobbag). This will show you all documents linked to the contact. by viewing the documents tab when searching. This will show you all documents related to your search term. […]

Working with HQ Documents

Creating a new Document   The best way to create a new document is to create it from the contact card (person/business) that you want to link the document to. This has the benefit of being able to mail-merge the contacts details into the document and will automatically link the document to the contact. To […]

Printing Options

Each document and template that you create in the document editor has its own printing options which include details of Header, Footer and Page Layout. You can access these from the Document Editor by selecting the Edit -> Print Options menu item. To change the default print options, you can do this from the HQ […]