HQ Email, including creating and sending emails, viewing emails and navigating the email client

Email Templates

HQ allows you to create both a default email template for each mailbox that a user has, or create more specific templates such as special documents that you frequently create in email. For example, if you frequently send a terms and conditions email to your clients, then you can create this as a specific template […]

Shared Mailboxes

Shared Mailboxes are a powerful feature in HQ and allow you to share mailboxes between users. This is a much better option than copying emails to multiple recipients in your company because it saves a lot of space. Also, with a shared mailbox, you can identify who has opened the emails and even assign the […]

Linking and Publishing Email

Linking performs two functions: It associates emails with people, business or jobs and it makes those emails searchable by anybody in your team. PLEASE NOTE: Don’t link private emails. Emails in HQ can be linked to People, Businesses and/or Jobs (any number of links in any combination). Depending on the configuration of you HQ this […]

Viewing your email and navigating the folder tree

Inbox You can view you inbox by either: Click the Inbox button on the top menu Or select Email > Inbox from the main menu. Or select View > Inbox from the main menu.  HINT: To simplify access to you inbox even further you can set the inbox to be your start-up page, by going […]

Creating & Sending Email

To create a new email in HQ, you can either: Click on the sent an email button on the main HQ button menu Or select new > Email from the main menu. The email composer window for HQ looks as follows: Any new email needs the follow: A “To” address. A “Subject” (this is not […]