Jobbags & Timesheets

HQ Jobbags and Timesheets, including how to create and use jobbags and how to add to the timesheet.


There are several reports available in HQ, these reports are split into five categories these are: General Timesheets Bookings Accountancy Administration (only available to users with admin permissions). The reports available in the categories above are as follows: General Business Score Latest Messages Latest Notes Latest SMS Timesheets My Timesheet Bookings Contact x Task Contact […]


To view/edit all the available Timesheets click Projects > Timesheets, this will then give you the view shown below. This will give you the option to select Timesheets for a specific user if you have access to other user’s data. The Timesheets shows the client, the job that is being done for that client and […]

How to use Jobbags

Jobbags are a way of viewing information for a certain project and linking it all together, the items that can be linked are things such as documents or emails which may not usually be thought of as for the same project. To view/edit all the available jobbags click Projects > View jobbags, this will then […]