HQ Templates, including how to add new templates and use them in emails and documents.

Email Templates

HQ allows you to create both a default email template for each mailbox that a user has, or create more specific templates such as special documents that you frequently create in email. For example, if you frequently send a terms and conditions email to your clients, then you can create this as a specific template […]

Adding an image to the Library

HQ has a simple library of images that can be used in emails, documents and so on. To import images, view images or delete images, go to Tools>Image Library on the menu. Your image library will look similar to this: To view an image, click on the list of images on the left. To add […]

Design & Create a Template

HQ contains a powerful template editor for creating both email and document templates. Templates can be used for any purpose in HQ and are not limited to “just an email” or “just a document”. In addition, HQ’s templates can contain any number of “Smart Tags”. These are short pieces of text – something like ‘HQ:Address’ […]