User Options

HQ User Options, including how to change user settings such as printer parameters, default pages and your personal signature.

FTP Monitoring

This is a list of FTP sites that can be monitored for changes in directory contents. You can select which sites you want to monitor by ticking the relevant check box. To edit the FTP location details click on the  To delete the location click on the  To create a new location click on the […]

User Signature

Templates and documents can contain HQ Smart Tags”. These are pieces of text along the lines of HQ:Name or HQ:Address. One HQ Smart Tag is HQ:MySignature. This tag is automatically replaced by the image you define here. Go To Tools->Options menu and select the My Signature tab. The drop-down control contains a list of all the files […]

Button Options

The main buttons on the top bar of HQ can be configured on this page. Simply click the checkbox alongside the required button and click save. HINT: Don’t choose too many as there is not enough space for them all.

Printing Options

Each document and template that you create in the document editor has its own printing options which include details of Header, Footer and Page Layout. You can access these from the Document Editor by selecting the Edit -> Print Options menu item. To change the default print options, you can do this from the HQ […]

General User Options

To view and edit your user options, go to Tools>Options on the menu. Start-up Page: Choose any page from the drop-down. This page will automatically load when HQ start. Default date format: Dates are displayed in a number of places in HQ. Setting this option controls the layout of these dates. Please note: sometimes this […]