To see a list of PAYE jobs in the system, click jobs>PAYE.

The list of jobs will contain the business it relates to, job name and when next alert is due. If a job is overdue, ie next alert has past a red flag will be shown.

To filter on which jobs to display use the status filter, the options available are open,closed and all jobs.
To view the job details click on either job name or next alert for that job. Clicking on the business name will take you to the history page of that business.

Adding Jobs

Prerequisites for Automated Jobs

These jobs can be automatically created provided the following has been defined/set for a business in the edit business page

  • Business status needs to be set to customer or ceasing
  • Relationship Manager must be set to an operator
  • Payroll Processing checked in services tab
  • PAYE Period is set in Tax & VAT tab
When the Jobs are Created

Jobs are automatically created either at the beginning of month or quarter depending on the PAYE Period setting. You can confirm when the next automated job will be by checking on the Next Jobs in the client’s Jobs Pod. If no future job is listed then all the pre-requisites for the job are not set.

When you first add a client to the system, a job for the current period will not be automatically created since it is unclear if you or another accountant will have performed this job. You will therefore need to manually add a job for the new client.

Manually Adding Jobs

To manually add a job, view the history page of the required business and ensure that the accountancy pod is enabled. Click on the + button on the PAYE row.

Viewing Jobs

To view a job you can either click on the job in the job list view or by clicking on the job name in the accountancy pod on the business history page.

Job Flow

Once each stage of a job is completed the relevant date field should be filled in. On saving, the next alert date will be calculated.

Job Name will usually be set to the Month or quarter yyyy/mm eg Month 2010/8

The following buttons are available on this page

  • Mark as Completed – Once a job has been completed hit the Mark as completed button and this will close the job.
  • Save – Exits and if any changes that have been made will be saved, status of job will be updated and next alert date will be calculated.
  • Delete – Deletes the job
  • Cancel – Exits without submitting any changes made.

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