Why does my HQ look strange ?

This question usually appears when we have updated HQ, sometimes updates of HQ include changes to the style of the system. To fix this problem you will need to clear your browser cache, doing this clears the previous version of HQ’s files. If you don’t do this you will get some files of HQ from different versions clashing with each other. To find out how to clear your cache click here.

How do I recover an email or document ?

HQ stores the last few documents and emails that have, for a variety of reasons, not been properly saved or sent. So this means that if you go to Tools->Recovery you can see a list of the emails or documents that you thought you may have lost, you can then select them and you will get the option to recover them, once you do this the document or email will open up in the editor for you to continue using.

Why aren’t my SMS sending ?

The main reason as to why your SMS aren’t sending from HQ is that in order to send SMS from HQ you send to supply a mobile number for HQ. This is so that you have a reply number otherwise if the person you have sent an SMS to then sends you a reply to that SMS you will not receive it. You can add an SMS number either in the admin section if you have admin rights or you can go to Tools->Options and there is an SMS number option on there.

I can’t see emails or documents when I open them ?

Usually if you are having this problem is it because you have got your browser set to not allow pop ups, you need this to be allowed as HQ opens emails and documents in another window which acts as a pop up, if it is your first time using HQ the browsers will usually ask if you want to allow pop ups, otherwise you should be able to change this option in your browser settings.

My connection is not secure ?

If you are seeing that your connection is not secure in the address bar of the browser, this is usually down to images in either emails that you have opened or images in your templates that are from an outside web address that is not secure, in terms of the emails you receive you can make sure you keep the show Images box un-ticked. For images in your templates instead of copying them in from an outside source you need to upload them using the image uploader that is available in the editor, this will then upload the image to HQ which will make it secure.

Why can’t I log in ?

If you are having trouble logging into HQ there are a few things you may need to take not of:

  1. Is your username correct – have you typed it in in the correct case.
  2. Is your password correct – this is also case sensitive, is CAPS LOCK on ?
  3. If you have tried to log in 3 times and have been unsuccessful HQ will redirect to Google and there is a 20 minute wait time before you can login again, to try again without waiting 20 minutes close your browser and then try again.
  4. Are you using a supported browser

If you are still having issues logging in then please contact Selestial and we will be more than happy to help.