Basic Idea

  • HQ is a web-based application so there is no software to install on your PC. This means that any problems tend to be with the connection to the HQ server or the internet browser you are using.
  • When HQ is upgraded, there may occasionally be some leftover artefacts in the browser which prevent HQ from behaving perfectly. You may see some problems in the overall look of HQ and in some of the general functionality, for example, which can become misaligned. These problems can generally be solved by clearing the browser cache.


If you cannot connect to the HQ server at, then there is probably a problem with the internet connection. First, check that you are still connected to the internet by checking if you can view other internet sites, for example,

If your connection drops out while HQ is running, then the title bar of the internet browser will indicate that the browser is Disconnected by putting a question mark (?) next to the letters HQ on the browser’s title bar. First, check that you are still connected to the internet by checking if you can view other internet sites, for example,

If you can view other internet sites but not HQ, contact your administrator for assistance.

If you can not view other internet sites then Clear the Browser Cache.

Clearing the Browser Cache

Click here for a guide to clearing the browser cache on several browsers

Poor Quality PDFs / Print Corruption

When you view a PDF (such as a document or Print Preview), the PDF is viewed in your native application for PDFs. If this is looking blurry then chances are you are using an incompatible PDF browser. It is best to view the PDFs in Adobe Acrobat. In your browser options, you can select which application is used to open PDFs; make sure that Adobe is your default application.

Login Problems

  • Both the user name and password are case sensitive.
  • Your administrator can reset your password in the administration interface.
  • If you unsuccessfully attempt to log in to HQ three times, you will be temporarily locked out of HQ for 5 minutes. Go and make a cup of tea and wait !
  • Are you using a supported browser?

Email Problems

Click here for  information on checking the status of a sent email

Other Problems

  • If you experience any other problems with HQ, you can either navigate through the sections of this help system to find a solution or you can go to the home page of the help system and use the search facility.
  • If you are still having issues with HQ that have not been answered in this help system then feel free to contact us either via the contact form on this help system, or you can emails us on or call 01756 668120